“I Be Buildin’ (Get thirsty edition)”

So my first major assignment in my flatiron course on my way to becoming a web developer was to build a simple app using fetched data from an API. API’s are application programming interfaces that act as intermediaries allowing software applications to communicate with each other. This was an exciting opportunity to showcase what I had learned thus far and display it to the world. The first thing I needed to do was choose an API to use. API’s are extremely varied but not many allow you to use their information without authentication of…

by Donell Gill

Photo by James Pond on Unsplash

My journey as a software engineer began as a desire to create. I’ve always tried to create something I thought would be cool. I wanted to put my own spin on things. I am a short story writer and in my spare time I create board games and RPG campaigns.

I am an associate at Amazon. I spend my day in Operations ensuring customers get their deliveries on time. This job has taught me skills like collaboration with members of a team, communicating with people from various backgrounds and how to approach a problem from many angles…

Donell Gill

An Amazon Employee transitioning to a software development role via Amazon's Career Choice Program.

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